Micah- 9 Month Update

You are the HAPPIEST baby I have ever encountered!

You are still very tall and skinny and now you have curly curly hair. It is the cutest!

  • If mommy is in the room you want me to be playing with you, holding you or feeding you. Heaven forbid I leave the room of you will start crying.
  • You just love people and everyone loves you!!!
  • You wear a size 3 diaper an 9-12 month clothes.
  • You are so mobile! You had been trying to crawl for about a month, kind of dragging your body behind your arms but in the last week you just took off!
  • You sit perfectly and really have great control of your body. I am sure you will start pulling up in the next week or so.
  • You can hold your own bottle which you think is pretty cool. You like playing with it after you have it all drank.
  • You are in your bed from 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm. Usually you are asleep but sometimes you just lay in bed and play.
  • You love the tag blanket I made for Eli and sleep with it all the time! You hold it with your right arm and put your middle and index finger of your left hand in your mouth.
  • You are now in a big boy car seat and really like being able to look out the window.
  • You think Eli is hilarious! You love anytime he is playing near you.
  • You take three bottles a day at meal times 7 oz each and you love food! Stage 2 is where you are now but you want to eat everything on mommy and daddy’s plate. I hope to try stage 3 by next month.
  • You have three teeth. Your two bottom teeth and the top left tooth, but not the front tooth the one next to it.
  • You sleep usually 7 to 7 but if you aren’t asleep again you just play in bed. I love it in the mornings!!

IMG_5288 IMG_5292 IMG_5294 IMG_5297 IMG_5298 IMG_5300 IMG_5305 IMG_5306 IMG_5307

The Other Woman

I apologize in advance for the terrible pictures. There are some from WAY back.

I think it is about time I address the other woman in our lives. You have seen pictures but you really don’t understand the full depth of not only Aaron’s love for her but now even my own. It was actually all my idea six years ago when we bought our first home. I felt like she would be a good addition and now she has begun to take over our lives.

She is what any man would want really. Tall, porcelain complexion, very intelligent, funny at just the right moments, is there when you need her and well rounded in a vast collection of areas, and all in all just really gorgeous to look at.

It’s our library. Ha! Aaron has always loved books and even the hunt for books. Back in Seminary he and is friend Ryan would go “hunting” on Saturdays to all the local Goodwills and come home thrilled with their finds. When I met Aaron he had two bookcases in his room with books and now, well, you have seen the pictures! His collecting has ramped up significantly since we have been married because I am in full support. Every birthday and Christmas a new stack is added and while he goes hunting very rarely now, he still finds books here and there.26083_519810250281_7237515_nLike I said, in our first home in Kentucky there was a weird dining room area that I thought would be the perfect place to build a library for Aaron and of course he was on board. He and dad built our first set of bookcases then in 2009.26083_519808099591_4454178_n 26083_519808114561_4254146_n

A year later we moved into the dorm and boxed up over 50% of Aaron’s collection to fit what we could back on those two small bookcases.

40438_535146849993_1007005_nThen in 2012 we moved to Indiana and this time when we went house hunting Aaron had to find a place for his library. This was the second set of bookcases he and dad built and these had the bottom cabinets for storage.IMG_4327 IMG_3302Now that we are settled in our new home I was really anxious to get the library done because again the bulk of our boxes were Aaron’s books. Ha! I’m not kidding. If I ever move another box of books it will be too soon. They are just so dang heavy and there are so many!


IMG_7468IMG_7537 IMG_7634 IMG_7825

IMG_7495   IMG_7837The bookcases in our “castle home” Aaron did 100% by himself! I was so proud of him! They turned out gorgeous and really make the space feel like us. It is my favorite room of the house I think. It changes day to day but I do think it is. The naturally light is killer and it just always feels like a fun and peaceful place. It is always filled with laughter and lots of wrestling takes place in there. I have intentionally kept it sparse with furniture for this reason.IMG_9308 IMG_9309 IMG_9310

I am glad that seven years ago I mentioned a library because now it is the central part of our home. I hope our boys love to read like their daddy and sometimes their mommy. Ha! Do you have a favorite room in your house or that space you look for in every home you buy?


The Wilkinson Castle

I am sure you all have been making fun of me while scrolling through Instagram and seeing our #Wilkinsoncastle. It came from our sweet little man Eli. When we bought our new house every time we pulled into the driveway he would say, “Mommy look, it’s a castle.”. Now he calls it his castle home. So keep making fun of us if you like but I think it is precious that Eli thinks of his new home so grandly.

Truth be told, Aaron and I do as well.

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to post pictures but here are all of the before shots. I will hopefully get it all switch over on the menu bar but for now since it has been over six months since we bought the place this will be the quicker fix.

These are all photos from the listing when we bought it so I am even too lazy to find the ones I took. Ha. Well enjoy till I get my rear in gear and post updates. IMG_5503 IMG_5504 IMG_5505 IMG_5506 IMG_5508 IMG_5509 IMG_5510 IMG_5511 IMG_5512 IMG_5513 IMG_5514 IMG_5515 IMG_5516 IMG_5517 IMG_5518


A Nursery That Will Grow With Your Baby

Can I just take a moment to say hello again. It has been almost six months since I have posted about our home. I have missed you all. Also, let me say thank you to the several folks, including family, friends, friends of friends, and also just plain ole strangers who have approached me over the last few months and told me how much you miss the blog and love reading it. It has honestly been shocking to me how many of you have been so kind. The words of others truly have the ability to speak life and death over you. It is because of each of your kind words that I am back.

So now moving onto the issue at hand. We moved into our home exactly five months ago the day after we had our little one. Of course with a baby and a four year old I stay very busy. That doesn’t count my real job and then the different places that I volunteer. All that to say home projects bring me tons of joy so I always make time for them big and small. I am committing to at least start posting once a week. We have already done tons so I will have to catch you all up.

Today I am showing you our littlest man’s room. Micah like I said was born five months ago on August 8th. Our sunday school class helped Aaron move us on the 9th and I came home on 12th. We brought Micah home on the 18th due to some issues I will cover at another time. This is already taking me too long to get to the actual post. Ha! We had Micah’s room painted just days before I went into the hospital so all I had to do was arrange furniture and hang things. I had his furniture and gallery wall done withing a week or two of moving in but the arrow wall I completed last week since it was a lot more time intensive.

So without further ado here are a few pictures.


The dresser I got at a refurbishing store in Warsaw, IN and I am in love. It will function as a changing table now but in a few years I will take the pad off and will just be a dresser. The crib was Eli’s. It is a Cribs4Life brand I believe. The quilt my grandma made Micah. She has made one for all her grandkids and now great-grandkids starting with me 32 years ago. It is so special and also so cute! We love it!IMG_4745

Here is the arrow wall! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It honestly wasn’t as hard as I thought. It would have been much faster if I didn’t have a helper and a little one that needed me. Ha! I will have to blog details about that another time. IMG_4751

The stand holding the canvas totes I got 10 years ago I think at maybe Walmart. It is a fake wood microwave stand I believe. I am all for real wood but I do have to say this sucker has made six moves (and that is just houses, not rooms) over the last 10 years and served tons of purposes and held up perfectly. The basket on the floor is from Hobby Lobby and holds all our blankets. They are all special as well. One made by my best friend Emily, one from my former boss and friend Lisa, and another from my friend Rachel. The list goes on and on. IMG_4752 IMG_4754The quilted bear is from my grandma Emily and the little brown bear we bought for Eli when he had a blood transfusion. The lamp is cement and we got it from Target.  IMG_4759IMG_4767The Pepsi crate is from an Antique Mall in Gas City, IN. The rocker was mine as a little girl and from my Grandma Emily’s as well. The Star Wars and Wild Things mash-up is from the same artist we got Eli’s prints for his room. I will have to ask Aaron the website. The vintage flashcards that spell VALOR are from a boutique in Chicago. I love the wooden Aaron puzzle. That is one of Micah’s middle names and it was Aaron’s as a kid. IMG_4768 The moose head I got at TJ Maxx in Atlanta with my friend Emily. I love it and since Eli has an animal head in his room it creates continuity. The cleaning and scrubbing print is from my friend Kelly’s etsy shop.  IMG_4770

The Adventures of Micah print was a print from Nana this past Christmas and is from uncommongoods.com. I made the cloud and rain piece and the US map is just a piece of scrapbook paper I got at Hobby Lobby for like 25 cents. Ha!IMG_4771 IMG_4772 Obviously if there is something else you have a question about just comment below and I will try and answer it.  IMG_4774 My favorite part of the room is most certainly the little man that sleeps in it, but I am very glad it is a room that will grow with him and is not age specific. I can very easily see us taking out the crib and putting in a twin bed in the future. Not that I am looking forward to that since I am cherishing every single baby snuggle now.

What are some things you have done to make your nursery age neutral? Do you have a favorite part of our little guys room or any suggestions?

Micah- 5 Months

Happy, happy, happy is the theme! You are always happy!

  • You talk all the time!
  • Rolling over is something you do every once in a while but again you are just happy whether you are on your back or tummy.
  • There is a toy in your mouth at all times! The only thing you got for Christmas from Mommy and Daddy were toys that you could look at and put in your mouth. Ha!
  • We keep a bib on you at all times because you slobber so much but still no teeth.
  • You like to see what is going on so you don’t like to be in any position that doesn’t let you see the room.
  • You sit in the bumbo sometimes and mommy puts you on your belly in the boppy up on the bar while she does dishes and makes dinner again because you love to watch everything.
  • Your favorite person to watch is Eli.
  • He has held you a handful of times but is much too busy for much more. Ha.
  • You are in size 6 clothes and some 3-6 months pjs.
  • Size 2 diapers are a must since blowouts are a part of your weekly plans.
  • The paci is still a sometimes thing.
  • You are still sleeping wonderfully which Mommy loves!

We truly couldn’t ask for a more content and joyful baby. Thank you for being so awesome already!

IMG_4724 IMG_4722  IMG_4712 IMG_4696 IMG_4686 IMG_4676 IMG_4674 IMG_4667Also yes your hair looks red. Often actually. Not when you are close up but from across the room everyone thinks you are redheaded. You can see it a bit in these pictures.

Micah- 4 Months

You are the happiest baby! I promise I will eventually come back and fill in the height and weight but it is never around when I am writing these. I have them in a pile of papers somewhere. Ha! I promise to get paper piles organized every week and it just never happens. Oh well, I have more important things in life like two little boys which is the point of this post.



  • Again, you are the happiest baby.
  • You love to have people talk to you.
  • You laugh lots and love being tickled.
  • You smile literally every time someone makes eye contact with you.
  • You are very aware of everything!
  • You sleep like a dream! 7pm-7am is the norm.
  • You love toys. Especially ones that go in your mouth.I think you are starting with teeth. Not necessarily cutting them but something because there is so much slobber.
  • You should be in size two diapers but I am using up the last of my size ones before I make the switch.
  • You are in 3-6 month clothes and more toward 6 months since you are so long.
  • You are still impartial to your pacifier. You like it sometimes but are generally content to not have it.
  • Your naps are a bit random because we are so dang buys but that will hopefully change after the holidays. Fingers crossed.
  • You love your brother. Watching you smile at him brings me the greatest joy. He doesn’t interact with you much but I know you two will be best friends.
  • Again, just to say it again, you are such a happy baby!!!

IMG_4520 IMG_4521 IMG_4522 IMG_4523 IMG_4524 IMG_4525 IMG_4526 IMG_4527 IMG_4528 IMG_4532 IMG_4548Lastly we have no clue who you look like because you constantly look different. Even from picture to picture. You are keeping us guessing our sweet boy.

Eli- 4 Years Old

I cannot believe our big boy Eli is already four years old and he is a big brother!!!! We love you so so so much! Excuse the ton of pictures but they were all too cute to eliminate!

Weight: 37 lbs.


Head Circumference:

  • IMG_4797 IMG_4799 IMG_4800
  • You are potty trained and have been for months! Once you chose to do it, it was done. No going back for you! We do still have you sleep in pull-ups and probably will for a while. Ha!
  • You wear size 4t and even some 5t shirts. You fit better in 3t pants because you are thin but they are never long enough anymore. So we stick with adjustable waist pants and call it good.
  • Your favorite foods are starch and starch. Just like mommy. You love breads, pastas, chicken, and cheese. You also like apples, raspberries, blueberries, and grapes.
  • You LOVE to eat at Qdoba and Chik-fil-a. Really restaurants in general. You do not like when we go through the drive-thru. You always ask to go sit inside.
  • Being at Grandma and Grandpa’s house is your favorite place to be. Both because you love them but also because you get to watch movies and eat popcorn.
  • You love All Thomas movies, Planes 1 and 2, Cars 1 and 2, Mater Tales, Veggie Tales, Octonauts, The Magic School Bus, and watching Daddy play Mario while you hold your own controller that is not hooked up.
  •  IMG_4808 IMG_4813
  • You love trains, robots/transformers, dinosaurs, blocks, balls, cars, cars and more cars. Did I mention cars?
  • You also love to read now! It makes us so happy. Every night we read a few books and your bible and there are times you freak mommy out because you will be so quiet and she is convinced you are destroying something but she will peak around the corner to see you looking at books so sweetly.
  • Your favorite snack changes a lot, but you like marshmallows, pistachios, goldfish, graham crackers, muenster cheese, and cereal.
  • You are in “school” every morning from 8:30-11:30 and you like it we think. You started in Mrs. Debbie’s class then they split and you went to Mrs. Amanda’s class.
  • You know all your letters, number, color and shapes. However sometimes yellow and blue give you trouble. Also if we don’t practice letters and numbers you do forget them but are quick to relearn.
  • Your very favorite thing is watching the garbage trucks on Wednesday morning. There is a blue one that gets the trash and a red one that gets recycling. You get pretty frustrated if they don’t show up within minutes of one another. You for sure like routine.

IMG_4814 IMG_4816 IMG_4817

  • You are great at bed time. We usually start at 7:30 with brushing teeth, getting dressed, reading books, our bible and then you always ask us to push your round bottom (Pooh reference) into bed. We then pray together and you always leave Micah out but then add him onto the end as well as not being scared. They are like little addendums to your prayer. It is cute. Mommy needs to record it so we have it to show you later in life.
  • You like baths a ton because they are in our big jacuzzi tub!
  • You moved into your “castle home” this year and you love it! So much space to run and you really like making tracks in the carpet with your cars, scooter, really anything!
  • You would be outside all the time if we let you. Snow is for sure your jam!
  • You don’t take naps anymore so you sleep better at night.
  • You have a habit of getting up in the middle of the night and just walking into mommy and daddy’s room. You don’t really need anything you just want us to take you back to your room. It is almost like you are just making sure we are still here.
  • You wrestle Daddy EVERY NIGHT when he comes home from work! I think this is probably Mommy’s favorite time of day. You are so joyful and fun. You are rough and just have a blast being wild! Micah just watches and laughs and Daddy has so much fun just playing with his boy.
  • You can memorize anything the first time you see it!
  • You still LOVE mommy’s hair. You like sitting on it and having her rub it on your back.
  • You can get dressed all by yourself mostly. Your underwear are usually all bunched up around that top of your jeans though. Ha! It is pretty cute how often you look a mess.
  • You love having a twin bed! You like most being able to jump in it before bedtime.
  • You are our FAVORITE Eli and we tell you that all the time!

IMG_4819 IMG_4820 IMG_4821

We could not love you more! You have such a sweet spirit paired with LOTS of energy and emotion! We think you are the perfect combination of mommy and daddy. We see so much potential in you. You are so so smart. More than anything in this life Mommy and Daddy hope you know that you are loved more than words can express. We are your biggest fans and we will do whatever we can to direct you to Jesus, teach you to love others and to help you succeed in this life.

Micah- 3 Months

You will see from the pictures that our littlest man has changed SO MUCH in the last month! He looks different to us all the time and again you will see from the pictures he looks really different even based on the expression he is making.

IMG_4422 IMG_4424 IMG_4439 IMG_4425 IMG_4435 IMG_4429You are such a joyful little boy and you have brightened up our days so very much.

  • You are in size 3-6 month clothes
  • You are in size 1 diapers
  • You have laughed at mommy
  • You love watching Eli play
  • Your favorite place is the floor of the library. You love stretching out and just talking and smiling at Mommy.
  • You sleep on your tummy because you are more than able to lift and move your head.
  • You started sleeping through the night three days before you turned 3 months old and Mommy loves it!
  • You are in your crib in your room on the other side of the house which is hard for mommy, but also good because she is able to sleep a bit more soundly without hearing every little sound you make.
  • You have had a cold for an entire month. Boo. However, you are handling it like a champ!
  • You went on your first road trip with Mommy and Grandma to KY for Taylor Bobb’s wedding and met so many people.
  • You love your paci, but are not dependent upon it and it falls out as soon as you fall asleep. Ha.

Again, you are a dream come true. We all love you. There have been a few days that daddy has been home and kept you while mommy went to get Eli from school. Every time you are not there Eli asks, “Where is baby Micah?”. Also in any movie or show that has a baby Eli refers to it as baby Micah. He loves you so. Thank you for being so very special our little Micah boy.

Here is Eli at 9 weeks adjusted which is as close as I can get to a three month comparison.

Eli- 5 monthsIMG_4435

Micah- 2 Months

I cannot believe that Micah is already 2 months old! I am sure I will say they at the start of every post about him but it is true. Time is flying!


This one makes me laugh because I feel like I can hear him saying, “do you come here often?”.

IMG_4309 IMG_4320 IMG_4324 IMG_4326 IMG_4373 IMG_4377

Weight: 9 lbs.

Height: 21 inches

You are such a happy baby! We love you so much.

  • You smile all the time. Starting mainly around 7 weeks.
  • You have been in size 3 month clothes since nearly a month old.
  • You have slept through the night a few times.
  • You are are great sleeper at night but you are a bit high maintenance during the day. Ha! You like to be held.
  • You are very content in the car for the most part.
  • You hate having a dirty diaper.
  • You really enjoy baths.
  • You are very happy outside on walks while Eli rides his “bike”.
  • You are still in newborn diapers but barely
  • You like your pacifier sometimes. Mommy wishes you liked it more because it would make it easier on me sometimes. Ha!
  • Eli has kissed you on the head and loves to touch your head but that is about it. Again, he is interested in you when you have a dirty diaper. He helps to give me diapers.
  • Daddy picked all your hair off trying to get your “cradle cap” off.

Eli at 6 weeks adjusted for comparison.

Eli is 4 months old! (6 weeks adjusted)


Micah Due and 1 Month Old

So this past weekend on the 7th was Micah’s actual due date. Forget the scheduled c-section. This is the day they told us when we found out we were preggers back in December. So in keeping with the tradition I started with Eli I plan to do monthly pictures. I combined this post. On his due date he was 4 weeks and 2 days old and 1 day shy of being a calendar month old. So it is his due date and one month pictures all in one.

IMG_4261 IMG_4275 IMG_4276 IMG_4285 IMG_4283 IMG_4278As like all my posts these pictures aren’t professional just a way for us to document the life of our newest little one.

In the last month you have and are…

  • In newborn clothes but they are all too short for you
  • You have rolled over THREE different times and I am sure you would again if I would lay you on your stomach.
  • I have had to move the shoulder straps on the car seat up a level because you are so tall!
  • You sleep great.
  • You eat around 100mL every 3 hours.
  • You are so very content unless you are hungry or are going to the bathroom.
  • You have the hiccups several times a day which doesn’t seem to bother you but I hate for your sake.
  • Eli doesn’t pay you much attention unless you have a dirty diaper or are crying which typically go together. Ha!
  • You love to be snuggled and swaddled.
  • Walks are your jam. Really just being outside in general you love.

Daddy, Eli and I love you so much! We cannot believe you have been in our lives for a month already since you were only supposed to have been here a week with the scheduled c-section. In the last month we have had you, moved homes, Eli started school, Uncle Matthew moved in with us and Gigi and Pa have been visiting for two weeks! We have all survived and been doing exceptionally well and I attribute that in large part to you being a great relaxed baby. So a big thank you from all of us for being chill. Keep up the good work little one.

These are Eli’s photos for reference. We lost tons but I was able to find two. Apparently I didn’t start his monthly blogs until 3 months. 284893_544076206111_137161_n 284893_544076211101_6586136_n